Lilama69-3 DSE succeed in carry out Technical design for Cam pha cement Silo

After success in designing technology, equipment Silo and packing plant Project for Cam Pha cement grinding station - Southern Branch in 2016, Lilama69-3 Design Industrial and System Engineering Joint Stock Company Continuing to win the bid for "Cement Silo Technical Design" project to improve the grinding capacity of Cam Pha Cement Factory in Cam Pha city - Quang Ninh province.

Scope of work including provide technical design and cost estimation for Silo Cement and Packing plant buildings; Cement Conveyor; Electrical Power station; Air compressor station.
With the design and cost estimation progress very tight only 21 days since the signing date 7/7/2017, Lilama69-3 DSE has shown professionalism in the spirit of teamwork and accuracy in commitment to provide to customers on the quality and progress of work.
This project again confirms the
first class design capacity of Lilama69-3 DSE in the field of industrial design in Vietnam.